English variant of a hymn for adults, to whom for 35

Words: Al Registan, Mihalkoff, Alik

Music: eternal, national, Alexandrov.

The chorus master: Dr Dima Verner

Hymns are executed amicably, all together: readers, authors, commentators, Verner, sponsors and advertizers, all planet sing and dance.

Solemn ritual of execution of hymns: inhabitants of all countries, including illegal migrants, do not rise, but jump and are started up in dances - kamarinskaya (on the Red Square), a hopak (on Maidan), a rock-and-roll (on a lawn before the White House), gergian lezginka, a krakoviak, 7-40, a tip-top, a karambol and other national dances.

Funny website  ««Анекдоты из России»»
An indestructible Runet has rallied forever .
Long live nice pleasure force site,
where to melancholy and despondency - is not present!

REFRAIN: Be famous, a website from censorship free,
Humour of jokes a reliable stronghold!
Let us and further allnational pig
Conducts through five-years periods to victories !

Through «Komments» to us was shining the sun of freedom,
And great Verner has lit up our way.
We were grown up by it on fidelity to people,
On the maximum ratings us has inspired.


We have grown our opuses in battles ,
And nevertheless we  shall send Alik!
We in jokes solve destiny of generations,
And all al-kaeds pick down from the planet !


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© Alik,  hymnsmaker